These instruments are built to comply with contemporary industrial practices and replace our earlier versions with analog and discrete devices. There are two displays, one for PV input [4-20 mA or 1-5 V] in engineering units and the second for output [4-20 mA] in %. Inputs are 4-20 mA or 1-5 V for HES. Auto and manual modes of operation are possible. User settable features for PV display are decimal point, range, correction factors, square rooting and input open or short. Display of output can be reversed and Manual to Auto ramp time can also be set by the user. Auto to Manual change over is bumpless.

Inputs for the instrument can be chosen from 4 types of RTD, 7 types of TC and 4-20 mA or 1-5 V. Any mix of the sensors is permitted. For 4-20 mA and 1-5 V inputs, user can set the display range using the front panel keys. Other features include: 2 set points individually settable for each channel, relays [up to 16], assignable to any channel / set point 3 LED's per channel to indicate Sensor Healthiness and Alarms Status user programming with hardware and software locks. The size of Fascia is 192X96 mm. RS485 output is optional. An enhanced version of this instrument with Data Acquisition System features [larger data storage, direct printer and computer connectivity] is available.

Bargraph Indicators give accurate numeric information (digital) and trend indication (analog bar) for process parameters. These are extensively used in various industries for the combination of resolution and status at a glance. Two indicators are packaged in a single 192 x 96 enclosure. The two sections can work from different types of sensors and can be programmed. Square Root Extraction is optional. Alarm Relay [up to 2 per channel] contact outputs are provided. Alarm points can be set and read from the front panel.

Re-engineered many times to suit the needs of various customers but with essentially the same classic, field-proven configuration, BCC range of Signal Isolators receive mV, mA, V, Resistance or RTD input and deliver 1 or 2 Nos. 4-20 mA or V outputs with galvanic isolation from input or power supply [230V AC or 24V DC]. The two outputs of the 2-output models are isolated from each other. BCC signal isolators are used in industries in many critical applications where a ground loop can corrupt the data and seriously impair the quality of the product or even have a catastrophic effect on the plant. These come in a standard back-of-panel wall or rail mountable plastic box. A panel mounted version with a display of input current as a percentage is available .

Instead of having many designs and types to cater to a wide variety of field requirements, BCC offers one type of Digital Temperature / Process Parameter Indicator which can be programmed in the field to any type of input. This also reduces the inventory on the user's side considerably since there is no need to stock a few units of each type as replacements. Various sizes from 96X48, up to 4.5 digit display, different color LEDs and 2 alarm relays are offered. Type of sensor, range and decimal point [in case of current and voltage inputs] and SPs can be set by the user. Alarm contacts can be used for on-off control applications also.

ELECTRONIC SELECTOR SWITCHES replace manual selector switches and use reed relays for optimum performance. Up to 28 channels can be switched either in manual or auto mode. Channel number selected is displayed.

This back-of-panel unit with a digital display generates two sets of contact outputs with two setpoints. User settable parameters: SPs, Hysterisis, Delay [on/off], HI or LO alarm, and normal relay condition [Energised or De-energised].